New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus


Prosperity lies  ahead

This card will often come up when you’re enquiring about a financial matter or when you’re doubting your self-worth. The card suggests you can have what you want — including material things — but you must believe in yourself. This comes down to the laws of attraction: value yourself and others will value you too. You can create abundance! Taurus is associated with luxurious Venus and this card holds the New Moon energy, so now is a good time to make a 12-month financial plan. This card can also


signal the start of a new relationship, or of sexier times. If you’ve been wrestling with something for a long time, the New Moon in sturdy Taurus is a sign not to give up just yet!

Attune to the Moon

Get or give a massage — healthy body, healthy mind.

Additional meanings for this card

  • You will soon be able to afford the thing you’re dreaming of
  • Getting clear on what you value most will help you find peace.
  • Take some time out to pamper yourself.
  • Start a standing order to a savings account, no matter how small.

The teaching

We often feel that it’s somehow wrong to focus on our finances but the truth is that money can make life far more comfortable from a physical point of view. Taurus knows this and the New Moon in Taurus is the time to work your magic to create the money you want so you can have the creature comforts you want. Remember, though, that someone else is still wishing for what you already have.