New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in SagittariusLuck is on your side


Whatever is coming your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. The New Moon in Sagittarius can mark the restart of fun after a period of feeling low. The energy is adventurous and even willing to take a few risks — but be careful you don’t bet the farm on something here, as the wheel of fortune is still spinning! This card is about exploring life metaphorically, by exchanging big ideas with others or just thinking about your own philosophies. Perhaps it’s time to change your mind about


something important? It can also signal that a trip away is coming up, if that’s something you’re working to achieve. But the overall message of this card is that whatever happens next will be some sort of gift, even if that simply means widening your world view.

Attune to the Moon

Count your blessings — literally. Write them down or say them out loud.

Additional meanings for this card

  • You need to laugh more!
  • This is a wonderful time to start a course of study or teaching.
  • Don’t be narrow-minded.
  • Start a week of gratitude practice (e.g. via Facebook, a journal or blog).

The teaching

Sagittarius is the sign of fun, travel, exploration and the Great Cosmic Quest. It’s the sign of big ideas — its energy is expansive, upbeat, lucky and Divine. The New Moon in Sagittarius exudes all this, as does this card whenever you draw it. Nothing is set in stone with Sagittarius and an optimistic energy could attract all manner of good things if you tap into the energy by expecting the best.