New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

Meditate and contemplate

This card speaks of dreams and romance, of soulmates and poetry. It suggests there’s a new start coming your way that’s connected to a matter that leaves you feeling somewhere between having your head in the clouds and being in a totally altered state. There could be confusion and disappointment if that’s what you’ve had before and that’s what you’re expecting. However, if you’re onto a good thing then wish hard because the words of your soul and your heart could help bring about the manifestation of


your dreams. If all that sounds a little wet and watery, then that’s Pisces for you. This is the last sign of the zodiac, and the New Moon in Pisces card can suggest a last-ditch chance to make your dreams come true.

Attune to the Moon

Use your feelings to guide your way (logic won’t work right now).

Additional meanings for this card

  • Face your fears — they may be holding you back.
  • This situation is being healed.
  • It’s time to surrender to the Divine — chant ‘0m Namo Narayani’.
  • Avoid being deceptive or willingly deceived.

The teaching

Pisces is the sign of reveries and mysteries, or depths of emotion, idealism and hopeless romantics. It is the sign of water and the unconscious — its energy is deep, like watery depths. The New Moon in Pisces indicates a time to listen to your feelings and to allow your emotions free rein. Whatever you’re feeling as you pull this card is more likely than the truth, unless you’ve been kidding yourself somehow — and only you know if that’s the case or not.