New Moon in Gemini



Communication is key

A successful relationship usually comes down to one thing: communication. And the New Moon in Gemini card is all about the start of a new cycle for communicating with the person at the center of your question. Talking things through is the answer to whatever it is you’re asking about. If you can’t talk to that person, you can journal about it to yourself. Emails, text messages and all other forms of communication will also help you now. If the issue you’re asking about concerns a sibling or neighbor,


there’s a new start coming, a time to wipe the slate clean and start oven This card could also suggest you’ve been too frivolous lately and need to get grounded again. But most importantly, drawing this card emphasizes the need to communicate.

Attune to the Moon

Write a list of all the people you love most and see if you’re prioritizing them.

Additional meanings for this card

Time to tell someone how you feel.

Don’t be all in your head and not in your heart.

Someone is flirting with you.

Read more books.

The teaching

Gemini is the sign of communication and socializing, of ideas and travel, and the energy around it and around this card (no matter when you pull it) is speedy, gossipy and flirtatious. The New Moon in Gemini is a wonderful time to get out and socialize Gemini loves a chat. One thing to be aware of is that this card can also indicate being mentally ‘scattered’. Daily meditations will help to unscramble crossed wires in your brain.