New Moon in Aquarius


New Moon in Aquarius

Bring love into the situation

Aquarius is all about progress and modernity, so this is the time to move forwards. The New Moon in Aquarius card means ‘No looking back!’ Change is on its way and it could come quickly. Whether you get the change you want depends both on whether you believe you can have it and how much you’re relying on others to bring it to you. This card comes with the suggestion that you may need to do things independently, on your own. But be loving — not too pragmatic! Time may be of the essence when this


the card comes up — Aquarius energy has an electric feel to it. Certainly, there is a sense that you need to let go of the past and move towards your future as soon as possible.

Attune to the Moon

Explore the idea that it’s not what you know but whom you know.

Additional meanings for this card

  • You need to be more detached from this situation.
  • Thinking outside the box will bring the solution.
  • More pragmatism is called for.
  • Improve your karma by doing some charitable work.

The teaching

Aquarius is the sign of invention, modern advances and technology, and humanity. Its energy is a little brittle — it’s individual, scientific even, and relatively emotionally detached. Many people think Aquarius is a water sign because the Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer, but it’s actually an air sign and is far more about intellect than the emotional water signs — as is this card, no matter when you draw it. Dropping convention works well with this energy.