Journey of the Fools Tarot Level I Online Class

This course will take you on a journey deep into the mystical realms of the Tarot and guide you in accessing your psychic intuition to find answers using the cards. We will begin with the history of the tarot deck covering each of the 78 messengers of the Major and Minor Arcana, to understand the historical meaning of each card, and culminate in applying this understanding of the modern interpretation of three basic Tarot spreads: Celtic Cross, Three Card, and Lady’s Fan. Divided into two sections,

This class includes Course material that will be provided through digital download including a workbook and course manual. Video Class and private Facebook group. Plus email support for any question you have. 

 A Rider-Waite based Tarot deck is essential. While other Tarot decks exist and maybe something students will want to use in other situations or for their own enjoyment, for this class it is imperative that the deck you work with is a Rider-Waite deck.

Certificates indicating your Level I understanding of the Tarot and comprehension of the messages will be given at the end of this course. This class also gives you 30 days of email support and guidance by Aeson Knight. Certified Master Psychic Aeson Knight has been working with the tarot for over 30 years and was certified in 2003. Cost: $ 50.00