Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in VirgoYou are good enough


It’s time to be really honest with yourself and understand what’s lead you to ask your question. Have you been humble to the point of being self-effacing? Humility is good but it can go too far, and drawing this card suggests you may be underrating yourself. You don’t have to be flash, just quietly certain that you are good enough. At the other end of the scale, you also need to honestly answer this question: have you been too picky? The Full Moon in Virgo card needs some truthful answers. Once you’ve given them, it should


be easier to see how you got where you are. Your next step should then be more obvious to you. Pay attention to the details. Hard work brings results.

Attune to the Moon

Find a balance between the cosmic and the mundane in your daily life.

Additional meanings for this card

  • Worrying too much will attract more things to worry about.
  • Have you been overly critical? An apology may be in order.
  • Stop second-guessing yourself.
  • Raise your karma by doing something good for someone else.

The teaching

The Full Moon in Virgo is a time to declutter your life, your home, and your office. It’s the time to sort what’s good in your life from what’s not serving you. It’s also the time to clear out your energies via salt baths and meditations and to practice getting more grounded, by walking barefoot. No matter when you draw this card, it’s a reminder that any time is a good time to start living a healthier life.