Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in TaurusYour dreams need a practical plan


Sometimes you need to weave a bit of magic and sometimes you need to be practical — and sometimes you need to find a combination of the two. This card suggests that this is where you are now. You need to use the laws of attraction to draw in what you want (by imagining it, expecting it, welcoming it) but you need to balance that with taking down-to-earth steps towards your goals. This isn’t about wishing on the Moon and hoping for the best; it’s about making something like a list of bullet points


about how to achieve your dreams. If you’re asking about money, this card heralds a change of financial fortunes depending on both your past actions and what you’re expecting and therefore attracting.

Attune to the Moon

Write down 10 things that you know are wonderful about you.

Additional meanings for this card

Laziness could explain your current situation. If so, change that and own it!

Chasing money doesn’t work you need to chase a dream.

Jealousy or envy creates negative energy and attracts negativity.

More exercise is called for.

The teaching

The Full Moon in Taurus is a time to get back to earth, to get grounded, to work through any negative feelings you’ve been dealing with and to find a balance between being passionate and being overly intense. Money issues may come to a head at the time of the Full Moon in Taurus, but you can take this card as a sign to pay more attention to your cash flow no matter when you draw it.