Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s time to release negativity

If you’ve been feeling paranoid and acting weird, take this card as a very direct message from the cosmos to stop it! Worrying yourself is pointless. It’s time to release any negativity you have around the situation you’re asking about. If someone has been unkind to you, perhaps it’s time for you to release them. This card heralds an emotionally intense time since both the Full Moon and Scorpio themselves are both extremely intense. It’s time for you to feel all your feelings. There could be some nastiness in the air


when you pull this card — if that’s the case, take it as a sign to move away from anyone or anything you feel is toxic. For some, however, this card has a totally different meaning: your sex life can improve now if you make an effort! Use your magic. You have all you need inside you to bring about your desired result.

Attune to the Moon

Emote! It’s all better out than in.

Additional meanings for this card

It’s time to move from living fearfully to living joyfully.

You’re right to have your suspicions.

Grudges are toxic — let something go.

The end of an argument.

The teaching

The Full Moon in Scorpio has a sting in its tail: it can herald a vindictive end to a relationship. It can also be a time when we want to be good but we’re naughty. If you pull this card, no matter when, your dark side and your ‘shadow self’ may be showing. The Full Moon in Scorpio is also a time of magic. If you were thinking of making some magic, this is your sign to do it!