Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in LibraA win-win outcome is a forecast


The Full Moon in Libra: the sign of partnership, of falling in love and of closely relating to someone else. Since Full Moons are about climaxes and conclusions, this card suggests you’re either about to start a new relationship or that an important existing relationship is changing somehow, perhaps coming to an end or moving to a new level of commitment. It’s important to remember that people come to us for a reason, and sometimes just for a season — if a relationship is ending now, it’s doing so at the right


time so try not to fight it. This card can also refer to a professional relationship. There is a sense that you need to balance your ego with someone else’s needs. A win-win outcome is possible with give and take. Doing so might be the answer to your question.

Attune to the Moon

Let go of that which is falling away. . .

Additional meanings for this card

  • See the other person through the eyes of love it will change your perspective.
  • It’s time for you to make a firm decision.
  • Time for you to focus on yourself for a while.
  • Look after yourself but avoid vanity. Now is a great time for a makeover

The teaching

No matter when you pull the Full Moon in Libra card, it encourages you to find a balance between your desires and those of the people around you. Balance is a very Libran energy and the Full Moon brings things to a peak. Dramas and upsets bring partnerships to the fore. Libra energy also brings love energy. Negotiations are easier.