Full Moon in Leo

Full moon in Leo Don’t let pride get in your way


Have you been letting your pride become an obstacle? Is the question you’re asking based on your ego or is it from your heart? Leo energy is all about the heart (think of the big-hearted King of the Jungle, the lion). Its energy is magnificent, but when it’s combined with the rush of the Full Moon it can become over the top. This card may have come to you because you need to end a deadlock that has developed — more love and thoughts for the greater good are the solution to this dilemma. If you’ve not


been doing ‘as you would be done by’ lately, this is the time to find a balance between your own needs and the needs of the people around you. This will help all your relationships.

Attune to the Moon

Be magnificent, without being plain too much!

Additional meanings for this card  Self-esteem is good, vanity is not.

  • Everyone is equally important.
  • Creative urges should be followed work some magic!
  • A friendship may be ending now.

The teaching

When the Full Moon comes into in Leo it can be a wonderfully bright time, where people feel more confident to show the world their talents and assets. That’s the upside of this lunation and of this card (no matter when you pull it). However, take note that the Leo-Full Moon combination creates a sort of tension between your needs and the needs of people in your networks. Leo-Full Moon is a time to release pride.