Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn



The end of a tough cycle approaches

How hard are you willing to work for what you want? This card is reminding you that effort is required. Work issues may be about to come to a head when this card comes up. If you are wondering if you should stay in your job or leave, this card can be a strong sign to make an exit. The end of a rough time is forecast. This card also asks you to consider how ambitious you are and whether you’re prepared to pull out all the stops to make your professional dreams come true, without being


ruthless. With a love question, this card can be a call to face reality. Whatever situation you’re asking about, making a plan will help. If your personal life is troubled, prioritize it more.

Attune to the Moon

Release control and trust the Universe.

Additional meanings for this card

  • A professional project may be ending now.
  • Admit if you have been overly hard-headed or hard-nosed.
  • Find a balance between your personal and private lives.
  • It’s time to stop fearing the worst.

The teaching

The Full Moon in Capricorn has a very strong work ethic and energy, and will more than likely come up when you’re asking a professional question. If your question is about another matter, it will serve as a much-needed reminder to move through any feelings of hopelessness you may have been feeling about your situation, and this applies no matter when you draw the card. Making a plan is a far better use of your time.