Full Moon in Aquarius

Show the world the real you


This card brings the message from the cosmos that you need to detach a little from whatever situation you’re asking about. Someone might be keeping you at arm’s length now but it’s no bad thing. It’s important for you to allow life to unfold and progress, even if the change seems like a frightening prospect. If you’ve been holding yourself back from showing the world the real you, this card reminds you that your unique characteristics are what make you special. In a relationship, are you being too aloof


or detached? Go ahead and be yourself in whatever is coming up for you.

Attune to the Moon

Be aware of your feelings but also be prepared to move on.

Additional meanings for this card

  • Don’t lose the beauty and romance of life.
  • You are too much in your head — get into your heart!
  • A friend needs you — be there for them.
  • A situation is going to take a very unexpected turn.

The teaching

Every Full Moon is a time to release and let go, but the addition of Aquarian energy to the mix triples that message. Aquarius is the opposite of clingy and pulling this card at any time suggests either you need to let go or someone is thinking they are the ones who need to let go — perhaps of you. What needs to go? What is the right thing to do? Whatever happens next could be highly unconventional or unexpected.