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The weekly vibration for August 7, 2017 To August 13, 2017


This is a weekly blog that allows you to get focused for the week building up on the energy and vibration of coming week each section bring you a little bit in sight so that you can use this for your own growth and inspiration. It is my hope that this gives you guidance into the energy of the week.


Abraham Hicks quote

The section brings you a powerful message of abundance use it to work with the law of attraction. Reflect upon and this week and find where you can use it in your life to allow yourself to be more in line with the vibration that you would like to trade in your life.


This Week Quote: Sometimes you walk into things, that, if you were paying attention, vibrationally, you would know right from the beginning that it wasn't what you are wanting. In most cases, your initial knee-jerk response was a pretty good indicator of how it was going to turn out later. The things that give most of you the most grief are those things that initially you had a feeling response about, but then you talked yourself out of it for one reason or another.




Ascended masters

These masters are being that brought us inspiration send us the proper way to grow with that our path and energies continue to bring use their special energy this week. Working with ascended master Energy allows you to bring in that vibration to your life.  Reflect upon this masters energy.  This week and see how their energy is bringing things into your life that allows you to grow and build upon your own power


This week’s master is Maitraya


Their message is Follow the path of joy. Your life purpose is supported by the joy and passion you feel when you are working on your purpose. The joy that you get from your hobbies gives you extra energy. The joy you feel in relationships keeps them alive, exciting and growing. Of all the emotions, joy has the highest energy vibration. Joy has the power to remove all obstacles and reminds us that we needn't suffer at all. We can fulfill our purpose, help others and ourselves and heal through the power of joy.

  • To find your life's purpose do what gives you joy,
  • Stay positive and filled with faith
  • Find the humour in the situation
  • Enjoy a good laugh
  • Develop hobbies that bring you pleasure





Positive affirmations of the week


This week's positive affirmations can be used in meditation reflection or journaling.  The use of positive affirmations has been proven with in history to bring about change with our subconscious.  Allowing ourselves to clear away old worn out messages That we send ourselves. Using a positive affirmation replacing in Negative Idea Has Been scientifically proven to improve our life.


This week's positive affirmation:  I release the idea that dark energies are harming me or holding me back,  ill-wishers putting spells on me, or psychically attacking me in some way or another. I recognize this thought form as fear.I let go of these things as the illusions that they




This week spiritual challenge

Each week looking at the vibrations of the week.  We give you spiritual challenge anything from as simple as cleaning out your refrigerator to allowing yourself to give a smile to a stranger. Because when you take one step forward to change something or do something different it affects not only your vibration but those around you these simply act will bring in charges to your life. Please feel free to comment on these and share your journey with us.


This week spiritual challenge is:  This Week we are going to work on your dining room often this is the mind center of your family. This room often share memories, moment making, so make this room about your family. Clean out the clutter, remove thing that are not about the family.

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