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Specialized Tarot Card Reading By Aeson Knight

These are reading that Aeson has designed for his clients and found then to be very clear and to the point so you can get information you Seek. you can chose weather you get it in text email reading or have it done on video for you to watch.

Career Reading

This reading focuses on your career and where it is heading. In this special reading it will tell you what going on within your career path, it’s designed to answer questions related to the working life, such as Will you get that job and when? Will you stay or change jobs and what going on within your job.

$30.00 Text E'mail Reading

$45.00 Video E' mail Reading 


Power of Love Reading

This reading covers not only your relationship but also what is going on within your love life. It is put together with a 12-card layout, which gives a more complete picture of what is actually going on with your love life. It answers questions such as is he/she for me? Does he love me? Are we soul mates?

$30.00 Text E'mail Reading

$45.00 Video E'mail reading