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Now Offering In person Appointment!

Aeson Knight is so happy to finally take up residence with The Two Tinkers in Charleston WV. Aeson will now be accepting in person Appointments. An appointment is up to 30 minutes for 45.00 per session can be booked by calling (304) 584-3592.

Personal Appointments will give you time to enjoy a reading face to face with Aeson

Featuring the works of Rebecca Hemsworth and Mary Ellen Baughman, Two of West Virginia’s most inspiring top artists and designers, The Two Tinkers is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and Unique Gift Shop that offers original paintings, fine art prints, handmade jewelry and vintage items as well as one of kind art and commissions.

Booking an appointment is easy! Contact Aeson’s office at: (304) 584-3592 and pick an open appointment time. You can choose whether you want to pay by VISA, Master Card, or American Express or cash. Currently Aeson takes appointment on a first come first served basis.

The Two Tinkers is located at 717 Lee St, E. Rm 307, Charleston, West Virginia 25301

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