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Granny Ellen’s Hand Made Soap

I was inspired by my maternal grandmother (born in 1900) to learn how to make home-made, hand-crafted soap. Her lye soap bars were very strong and made great laundry soap bars. After my first couple of attempts to make lye soap (which were learning experiences), and several very successful batches of lye soap, I branched out to make other types of soap bars suitable for bathing and showering. My second (and very successful) efforts of making old-fashioned types of soap bars were pine tar soap. My grandmother wore old-fashioned sun bonnets, loved raising plants and herbs, and making arts and crafts the old-fashioned ways that she learned

In keeping with my grandmother's old-fashioned way of making soap, I generally use lard (an edible meat fat) as a base oil/fat in most of my soaps. I sometimes use almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, lanolin, olive oil, shea butter, or other plant oils blended with the meat fats. Then I saponify the fats/oils, sometimes adding essential oils or infused oils (with or without bits of the plants that have been infused into the oils), or substances (such as charcoal in the case of charcoal soap). After the fats/oils are saponified, I pour the mixture into a mold. Then I unmold and 'cure' the soap and wrap and label the individual soap bars in a cigar band style.

Dream Catcher Soap



Cowboy Soap

Happy Hippy Soap

Pine Tar Soap

Desert Rose

Peace Soap

Honey Soap