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Daily Guides for: July 18, 2017

This is an article that I write daily for you; So, that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.  To empower our self so that we embrace the power within our self to bring change to our life. I hope these words bring you encouragement in your day.


This first part is the Abraham Hick Quota. Abraham Hick works with the law of attraction. The Wisdom they provide is how to work with the law of attraction that can help you bring thing into your life from just a cup of coffee to a love of your life.

  Abraham-Hicks Quote for Today: Every particle of your physical world has a Leading Edge Vibrational version that is calling it forward, and this Vibrational version of what you could call your physical future holds a steady rhythm of Well-Being for you in your Vortex.

In the same way that the large and diverse variety of Vibrational components that make up your Earth assures its stability, the trillions of cells that make up your physical body do the same for you. That is the reason for the extraordinary resiliency of your physical body.

Over time, during the application of our daily meditation process, your habits of worry, concern, frustration, overwhelment, and anger will cease to be, allowing your cellular core to find its natural Vibrational balance. Day by day, as you relax and breathe, your natural Well-Being will dominate until your stable footing will become unshakable. Your consistent alignment with the Energy of Well-Being will cause you to see your world through the eyes of Source, and you will feel as you felt when you decided to come into your physical body: satisfied with what-is and eager for more!





Messages from the Angels

This is a message from the angels giving you a message to allow you to focus on a message of light. So that you can build on it and also take this message into mediations and see how you can use these into your life.


Today’s angel is: Francesca

Their message: "You have been asking God and the angels, 'What is next for me?' Yet, we have been waiting for you to make that decision for yourself! That is why you have felt stuck lately. This impasse occurs because you are afraid of making a 'wrong' decision. We can help you to decide, but ultimately, the next chapter of your life is up to you. This is a period of your life that is unscripted."

"Your desires are like a painting that you create upon the canvas of your life. Like an artist, you must decide what the theme, background, and foreground will be within your picture. Take some time out to meditate, pray upon, and contemplate this important decision. Be creative, and maintain standards for yourself. But remember: If you don't make a decision, that's the same thing as deciding that everything shall remain the same."



Positive Affirmation

The final part of the daily guidance is a Positive Affirmation. The use of Affirmation have been used for many years to release thing in your life that we do not need or bring ideas into our reality the thought is to repeat it throws out your day and as you do so that your mind records the thought and replaces other thought that does not help you in your daily life likes fears.


Today’s Positive Affirmation: I embrace the ordinariness of life,

and make it a special experience in itself,

without needing to change anything.


Have a Bright and Blessed day

Aeson Knight

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